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★★★★★ Great resource for Business Owners and highly entertaining.
– Lynn S., March 2020

Welcome to Business Over Beer, the second biggest podcast in the Pacific Northwest behind only the Sasquatch Hunters.

Each week Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and People Passionate about what they do bring us their stories…And their favorite beer.

Mission Statement
Business Over Beer provides a platform for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and other Passionate Professionals to tell their stories, participate in real conversations, and build a community that helps all small businesses succeed. 
About the Hosts


​ Ben Surratt
​ #RespectTheHat​

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Ben and his wife Angela moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2004. Following the financial crisis of 2008, Ben found himself unemployed with a 2 week old daughter at home. With his back up against the wall, Ben and his wife began a Manufactured Home Sales and Solutions business, which is still thriving today.  “Listening to Real Stories about the highs and lows of of being a business owner is what I truly enjoy most about The BOB Podcast, knowing that if I am learning something new about business, our listeners are too.”


​Jonathan Kaylor

A Midwest native, Jonathan and his family have called the Pacific Northwest home since 2013. For nearly two decades, Jonathan has worked in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing for a variety of industries, and through speaking and training, is currently working to help companies become more Customer Focused. As Co-Host of Business Over Beer, Jonathan is excited to be a student, storyteller and advocate for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. When he’s not Speaking and Podcasting, Jonathan can be found enjoying great coffee, beer or wine, while sitting at the piano, strumming his guitar or cooking a great meal with friends and family. 


​Jason Knopp

Born in Portland OR, raised in Vancouver WA where he has lived ever since, Jason owns a business that specializes in IT based sales, consulting and support services. His previous endeavors include Project Management, Helpdesk Services, Business and Technical sales positions with a focus on small businesses and customer service. A few of his favorite things about Business Over Beer (other than the beer of course) are the friendships that they have created and the amazing stories of what others have overcome to achieve their goals and dreams.