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#37. A space for Hope and Rejuvenation with Caitlin Wilson #SneakyAF

This episode should be used for informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation for or against any specific medical treatments. Please contact your health care provider and/or In Light Hyperbarics directly to see what therapies, if any, might be appropriate for you or your specific situation. In this episode:

  • Close to 800k people die each year from suicide globally. (1 every 40 seconds)
  • On average, there are 132 suicides per day in the US with men being more that 3.5x more likely to commit suicide than women.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen dates back to 320 A.D.
  • Your gut health is directly related to your brain health.
  • Wellness is a lifelong journey and it’s a customized journey for yourself.
  • You’re not stuck with the brain that you have, and if you acknowledge that, you can improve your quality of life.
  • Healthcare at home is a growing trend, and therapies like light and hyperbaric oxygen can part of your daily lifestyle.
  • Stress from a constantly connected world leaves our mind in a chronic state of fight or flight that our brain was not designed for and can be critically harmful to our health.

Guest Beer:
Fortside Brewing – Vancouver, WA
Sunshine Dreamin’, Hazy IPA, 7.1% ABV, 38 IBU
“Sunshine Dreamin’ throws big juicy aromas of ripe mango, bright citrus, smooth strawberry, and tart kiwi from a profuse bounty of dry hops- Citra, Galaxy, El Dorado, and Mosaic. Rounded out with more Mosaic and Amarillo in the whirlpool, this heady juice bomb presents ultra soft and creamy with next to no bitterness, but the 6 pounds per barrel of hops creates its own flavorful and balanced tingle as this beer washes over the pallet and deeply satisfies.”

Angie’s Mystery Beer:
Gilgamesh Brewing – Salem, OR
The Terry Porter, American Style Porter, 6.3% ABV, 20 IBU
A Beer For Everyone: “In January 2016, family-owned Gilgamesh Brewing unveiled a new collaboration beer, The Terry Porter. The American-style Porter was named after Portland Trail Blazer’s legendary point guard Terry Porter. While it started out as a seasonal winter brew developed to help raise money for a good cause, it has become much more than that.”

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