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The BOB Happy Hour #21 with Kaleb Schad

​What you’ll learn:

  • Shore up your digital presence now, you can no linger afford to ignore digital.
  • Use your brand to reinforce why customers should do business with you versus your competition.
  • How has your brand story changed as a result of this pandemic? What is your story now and how will your story change after this; Make sure you are connecting the stories to who you are.
  • Think about what your customer will want as soon as the shut down ends and create an event and experience for them.
  • Build the anticipation for reopening to drive people to your business.


What we’re drinking:
Backwoods Brewing Company – Carson WA
Mosaic Pale, 4.7% ABV, 50 IBU
“Made with all Mosaic hops, this beer has a delightful floral aroma, and tropical notes of tangerine, papaya and pineapple. Light bodied, and super crushable!”

Old Town Brewing – Portland, OR
Haze of our Lives, Hazy IPA, 6.3% ABV, 35 IBU
“A series of unexpected affairs and juicy character embroil the contents of the can. From flowering drama, and bold finishes, to soft revelations of lingering bitterness, this interwoven basket of flavor will leave your palate in its fatal wake, and your loved ones asking…who did it?”

Copper State Brewing Co. – Green Bay, WI
Chocolate Coffee Peanut Butter Porter (Nitro), American Porter, 5.9% ABV, 42 IBU
“We have no better words than these. Consider yourself blessed in beer. This porter boasts a creamy nitro head to accentuate a silky peanut butter aroma with a hint of dark chocolate, fading to a fresh coffee finish.”

Ghost Runners Brewery – Vancouver, WA
Running Up Pils, Pilsner, 5% ABV, 28 IBU
“Inspired by tradition, this German-style Pilsner is crafted with a mult-step infusion mash with old world pilsen malt. We then lager ferment over three different temperatures until the flavor profile is just right.  This light German Lager is packed full of flavor and is perfect accompaniment to the spring and summer. Cheers, and happy lawn mowing!”

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