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Business Over Beer Episode #102 with Lacey Faught, Part 1

On this episode of Business Over Beer, we welcome Lacey Faught, Owner of Spry, a Social Media Marketing Agency in Vancouver, WA.

As a young Entrepreneur, Lacey started Spry after working for a digital marketing agency and saw that clients were being underserved. She launched her business as an SEO and Web Development company and over time, Spry has niched down, focusing their business on social media, working specifically with clients on community building and making human connection through social media. 

The Right Way to Social Media

At Spry, they are focused on working with clients who need community to achieve their vision. Early on in her career, Lacy saw that businesses did not understand what they were even paying for in the digital marketing space. And, as is so often the case with entrepreneurs, when she saw it wasn't being done right, she decided she could do it herself. Only better.


Get Comfortable With It Being Hard

So at age 22, Lacey launched her own SEO and web development business, and only did social media because it was part of the SEO process. As the SEO market became more saturated, there was an avenue to specialize in social media marketing.

We asked her what is was like to launch a business at such a you age and she responded that she has always had a sense of confidence that she can accomplish whatever she sets out to do.

But that doesn't mean it's not scary.

"Every moment is scary when you start a business", Lacey said, but "I only had to battle with myself instead of taking someone else's idea and somehow make it align with my values and sell that. It was easier to sell my own values and integrity."

Lacey further explains that there is a misconception that it will get easier. But the truth is that there is always a level of hard while running your own business and you get conditioned to it. It never gets easy, you just get more comfortable with it being hard.


What People Get Wrong About Social Media

The one thing that businesses are getting wrong on social media today is people think they need to have a very polished look when it comes to their marketing, but that ends up feeling very cold and not human. People get to choose what they follow and they have every choice available to them, so you have to do something unique and real. Those are the things that resonate with people

Lacey tells her clients "don't be boring."

It's not about just checking a box, getting posts done, or having a certain facade. We need to have relatability, to feel like humans. We can use social media for good, in a way that helps us connect through our collective trauma. Content that is polished over comes across as fake and people can sense that and they scroll on by.

Instead, focus on showing up vulnerably. Content that is honest and vulnerable and real, that is what makes people stop and connect.


Social Media For Good

Lacey believes that people can communicate properly to each other, but admits the communication on social media is very broken right now. She understands that for Spry to have a business in Social Media Marketing, they have to put just as much effort into maintaining the platforms and how people behave on the platforms. Otherwise, social media will implode on itself and they won't have a business at all.

The answer is to inject more human connection into social media, to teach higher levels of digital literacy, and empower people to navigate social media in a more healthy way so it does not simply remain an echo chamber for your own beliefs or where you only hear and see content that you engage with.


Guest Beer

Headless Mumby Brewing Company - Olymipia, WA

Oktoberfest, Marzen, 6% abv

"Autumn in a glass. Dark copper/amber in color with a distinctive bready/toasty maltiness."


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