#104 | Kim Harless, Part 1 | Policymaking Through Lived Experience

Business Over Beer Episode #104 with Kim Harless | Policymaking Through Lived Experience

On this episode of Business Over Beer, we welcome Vancouver, WA City Councilor, Kim Harless.

A lifelong resident of Vancouver, Kim has spent her entire adult life in service, working with non-profits and government agencies. Elected to the first ever Clark County Charter Commission as the only person of color, she has become the first Indigenous person elected to Vancouver City Council.

As a natural introvert, Kim never really saw herself in the spotlight, but she has a greater desire for the world to be a great place for everybody and won't want to stand on the sidelines when she sees injustice or an opportunity for life to be better for her community.

"What we see is when we have people in positions of power they make decisions that they think would work," Kim Says, "but because they don't have the lived experience they don't fully understand what the full impact is going to be and whether or not it will actually help anybody."



Guest Beer:

Black Raven Brewing - Redmond, WA

Trickster IPA, 6.9% ABV, 68 IBU

In mythology, the raven can play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules, hence the name Trickster. This well-balanced IPA has a light fruit, citrus and piney hop aroma with a full hop flavor. With delicately balanced malt and hops and a 6.9% ABV, this beer has truly earned its name.


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