#105 | Kim Harless, Part 2 | Making our community a better place for everybody

Business Over Beer episode #105 with Kim Harless | Making our community a better place for everybody

Business Over Beer welcomes back Vancouver, WA City Councilor, Kim Harless, for part 2 of her interview.

A lifelong resident of Vancouver, Kim has spent her entire adult life in service, working with non-profits and government agencies. Elected to the first ever Clark County Charter Commission as the only person of color, she has become the first Indigenous person elected to Vancouver City Council.

In this episode, Kim shared with us that she is not viewing her City Council seat as a stepping stone to further her political career or to do what's in the best interest of a political party. Rather, she is committed to making the community a better place for everybody and on policies that make it easier to promote mutual aid projects and allow for community members to support each other.

Now is a time for Vancouver to "grow up", literally and figuratively. We need to be more effective in how we grow our urban centers and protect our rural farmland. We need to have a resilient community that can take on these challenges and still thrive, but at the same time recognize that we cannot simply rely on the resiliency of our people. We need to provide opportunities to all our citizens. We won't thrive if our people are constantly having to overcome huge setbacks.



Angie's Mystery Beer:

Worthy Brewing - Bend, OR

Lights Out Stout, 7.7% ABV, 30 IBU

"This hybridized American Stout accentuates the subtle nuances of non-traditional ingredients, such as Bob’s Red Mill Oats and milk sugar, which lend a smooth body with some residual sweetness. The whole Madagascar vanilla beans show mostly in the aroma."


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