#107 | Live from Victor 23 with Head Brewer Todd Britt | All About the Barrel Aged

Business Over Beer #107 | Live from Victor 23 with Head Brewer Todd Britt

On this episode of Business Over Beer, we recorded live from Victor 23 Brewing with Head Brewer, Todd Britt. Victor 23 is a great local brewpub, complete with all the regulars saddled up at the bar, there to support the brewery.

In this episode, we learn about  where the name "Victor 23" originated from. Also, Todd talks about his journey from the Midwest to The Pacific Northwest, brewing for institutions like Goose Island and Rock Bottom, before landing the head brewer job for Victor 23.  Todd talks about the art of brewing and his passion for barrel aged beer, but understanding that this is a business, and he needs to brew beer that his customers want.

"Somebody's gotta buy it," Todd told us. "It Doesn't matter if its the best beer in the world, if I can't get you guys to drink it, it doesn't matter what I think of the beer"


Episode Highlights:

0:48 Intros

4:05 50k foot view of Victor 23 Brewing

5:00 The beer portion of the program

7:35 What's new with the beer industry

9:21 Todd's passion for barrel aging beer

15:50 Changes to hop technology

19:55 Todd's brewing background

22:22 Goose Island

24:10 Rock Bottom

25:45 Adjusting to the PNW beer culture

27:51 Does the PNW love for hops hinder our beer culture

33:47 Angie's Mystery Beer

39:35 Where the name Victor 23 comes from

41:37 Getting the Victor 23 brewer job

43:54 Let demand lead supply

49:37 The Final Question

52:40 Wrap up


Guest Beer:

Victor 23 Brewing - Vancouver, WA

Business Class, Hazy Pale Ale, 5% ABV, 10 IBU

"Upgrade your ticket and experience the comfort beyond the curtain. Brewed with the guys of Biz Over Beer, this Hazy Pale Ale features layers of hop character, including citrus, papaya, mango, blueberry, and orange blossom."


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