#109 | Ben Bevard Escape Zone 360 | Passages To Success Series

Business Over Beer #109 with Escape Zone 360 Owner Ben Bevard

On this episode of Business Over Beer, we have Passages To Success member and owner of Escape Zone 360, Ben Bevard.

Ben originally had the idea for his escape room while taking a marketing class in college, and when the pandemic hit, he found himself in a position to start his own business. Not only was he able to get it up and running, he has expanded, adding a second escape room in 2021.

Escape Zone 360 provides immersive - device free - entertainment, that is family friendly, perfect for birthdays, youth groups, and celebrations of all kinds. In addition, Escape Zone 360 is great for businesses for a fun day out of the office, or through team building with a professional business coach.

Starting and growing your own business is never easy, but as Ben has shown, if you have the courage to take some risks, it can pay off by turning your dream into reality.



Episode Highlights:

0:43 Introductions

1:15 50,000 foot view of Escape Zone 360

2:00 Inspired by the love of travel

3:21 Types of escape rooms?

7:21 The consumer that never leaves

9:00 The escape room community - co-petitors not competitors

11:00 Good for your mental health

12:52: Team building

17:07 Why an escape room

18:54 Business growth lessons

20:39 Ideal clients of Escape Zone 360

23:02 The Final Question

24:55 Wrap Up


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