# 84. | Katie Zink, Part 1 | At the intersection of employee activism and culture

Business Over Beer Episode #84. with Katie Zink, Part 1

On this episode of the Business Over Beer Podcast, we have Katie Zink, Founder of Social Construct Consulting. Katie focuses her work at the intersection of employee activism and culture, where she helps organizations create an initial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) plan and works closely with them on how they're going to make culture change happen.

In the episode, Katie gives us her definition of corporate culture, the different components that make up culture, and how perks impact culture. Also, we discuss navigating proper cultural language, privilege of dominant culture, and creating pathways to success for all.

CLICK HERE to read more about about why it's important for us to define our own version success versus comparing ourselves to others or to a standard metric.



Our Guest's Craft Beer Offering:

GoodLife Brewing - Bend, OR

Sippy Cup Hazy Pale Ale, 6.4% ABV, 35 IBU

"A hazy yet brightly golden color, Pale Ale, with a thick creamy head, bursting with juicy hop flavor and aroma. Utilizing a yeast strain from Imperial Organic Yeast, we used a light malt bill with fruit-forward hops Galaxy, Mosaic, and El Dorado. Melon, pineapple, black tea, and citrus notes are upfront in the aroma. A light, medium-bodied mouthfeel finishes with a burst of citrus/tropical flavors and a very subtle bitterness."


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