#89. | Tara Tinsley, Part 2 | How Trauma Can Inspire Your Work

Tara Tinsley Episode 88 Business Over Beer

Business Over Beer Episode #89 with Tara Tinsley, Part 2

This week on Business Over Beer, Country Musician, Tara Tinsley, returns for part 2 of her interview.

In this episode, Tara talks about the evolution of her writing, how writing songs merely about pain and struggle no longer inspire her. Rather, she is writing about finding answers to the struggles and finding inspiration in the things that really matter in life. As a result, she is writing more Christian Music as a way to show gratitude for her life and to create music with messages of hope for her audience.



How Trauma Can Inspire Your Work

When Tara Tinsley looked out her window while living in Tacoma, WA, and saw a man lying in the snow, she knew deep down something wasn't right. She walked down to the waterfront and found the man had taken his own life.

She shared this story with us recently on The Business Over Beer Podcast, and this experience is what pushed her to create "Restored", a YouTube series filled with songs of hope and words of encouragement.

Our Impact On Others

One aspect of that experience that really stood out was that while she never knew this man, was never a part of his life, now, he would be a part of her life forever. This is a stark example, but the fact is, we can't always know how we're impacting another's life and there will be people that come in and out of our lives who make a difference in who we are. The opposite is true as well, we are impacting others, even when we don't realize it.

"You can have fame and money, but you can't take those with you when you go," Tara explains, "but you can leave your mark. And, by a mark, I mean helping people and changing lives so they can help people and change lives."

Finding meaning in the stress

Trauma, pain, stress, those are all constants in our human existence. The levels fluctuate, but they are always there, and they can be a source of chronic disease and unhealthiness.

In Tara's case, this trauma was thrust upon her unexpectedly, without warning, and not by choice. As a small business owner, you've chosen this path, so the stress and pain and trauma associated with it are just part of what you've signed up for. Of course, that does not diminish the potential effects of that stress, therefore it's imperative that you find a way to deal with it so it doesn't destroy your health.

One tool you can use is to assign meaning to your stress: Why do you care about it in the first place?

Shawn Achor, happiness researcher and author of The Happiness Advantage, says that when we think about the highest moments of stress in our lives, they are often the experiences that have made us who we are. We are taught that stress is bad and we often try to flee or diminish stress in our lives. But stress can actually be enhancing if you actually acknowledge it, reconnect to the meaning, and channel your stress response toward that meaning. Stress is inevitable, but its effects on you are not.

Tara assigned meaning to her trauma, using it to create something that would help others who are struggling, to understand the importance of forgiveness, and to bring her closer to God.

Be Kind

All of this is a reminder that we humans are all in this thing together. We need love, support and guidance and you never know what pain or struggle someone may be in the midst of. Most of that is silent and guarded. But when we remember that we need each other for survival, when we create safe places for people to be vulnerable and promote wellness and healing, we are making the world a better place.

And in the end, isn't that the point of running a small business, to have a positive impact in the lives of your customers and in your community.


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