Passages To Success

Shrink The Time From Start Up To Success

Reimagining small business networking through the power of shared experience

Benefits of Membership

Passages To Success Small Business Membership Benefits
Passages To Success Small Business Membership Benefits
Passages To Success Small Business Membership Benefits
Passages To Success Small Business Membership Benefits
Passages To Success Small Business Membership Benefits
Passages To Success Small Business Membership Benefits

Membership Plan Options

4 Pillars of Passages To Success

Client Acquisition • Growth • Culture • Exit Strategy

Each calendar quarter, events will be focused on specific topics related to one of the pillars. You will have the opportunity to listen, learn and interact with subject matter experts offering their insights and experience in each of these critical areas.

Client Acquisition:

You can’t have a business without customers. Passages To Success will help you with sales and marketing strategies specifically for small business owners that will help you attract more clients.


We all want it, but many of us are not prepared to deal with it when it hits. Whether it’s new employees, new products, or new locations, responsible growth is critical to scaling your business and setting you up for long term success.


Be intentional about the type of culture you want for your business, and that begins before you hire your first employee. Passages To Success will help you with defining/refining your story and articulating your mission/vision/values as well as providing tools to help you navigate your growth and give you insights on when to hire and recruiting strategies.

Exit Strategy:

Passages To Success will help you consider the long term plan for this business and help you visualize the ultimate goal for your business. Also, it will help you with contingency planning and putting proper protection in place to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Passages to success business over beer

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Passages To Success Core Values

COMMUNITY: Building a supportive community of small business owners who believe that we are more successful when we all work together.

INVESTMENT: Continuous development of stronger small business founders and creating a space for them to invest in themselves and their business.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Members are accountable to the goals they set and to support the development of their fellow members.

APPROACHABLE: Creating a fun, low pressure and rewarding atmosphere of like minded business owners. We will continue to bring the same flare and personality that you have come to expect from the Business Over Beer guys.

Who Should Join?

Join Passages To Success Business Over Beer Small Business Owners Founders

Not sure if Passages To Success is right for you?

Why Join?

Be part of an exclusive community of other like minded founders

Passages To Success will provide support from others like you. Members exchange ideas and shared experiences, commiserate about the challenges only small biz owners understand, all within a safe place to be vulnerable, to show struggles and get help for your specific situation.

Access to some of the great business minds in our community

Through the variety of events that make up the membership, we will be bringing in a collection of some of the best business leaders in our community to speak on their experience and engage in intimate discussions that can truly impact your business.

Work ON your yourself and your business

Passages To Success offers you the opportunity to develop the leadership skills and business acumen you need to be a more successful business owner. Members will define specific goals they are looking to achieve and will be held accountable to those goals.

It’s not about what but you do, but the story behind why you do it

As a member, Passages To Success will help you refine and tell your story to find ideal clients.

It’s fun

All membership events will be put on with the personality and flare that you have come to expect from The BOB events.

What people are saying about Business Over Beer Member Events

★★★★★ These three business owners along with their guest speakers create a space that is dynamic, fun and insightful for both speakers and guests. This is where real conversations happen about the hard stuff of really running your own business..You will come away with useful insights to use in your business and have laughed a whole heck of a lot learning it!

– Audrey C. , Vancouver, WA

★★★★★ Safe place to be real about business, life and all the nitty gritty details. We get to leave all the stiff suits, elevator pitches and salesy garbage at the office. Be vulnerable and ask for advice and support each other in all areas of business.

-Jamie Y., Battle Ground, WA

★★★★★ BOB is more than simply a podcast – it’s an organic and authentic PNW community where folks from across the business spectrum can share their stories and insights in a relaxed setting that is infused with passion, humor, and an overall welcoming vibe. The atmosphere is relaxed, and especially during the pandemic, it’s great just to be able to meet and network with owners and leaders from all types of local small businesses.

-John B., Vancouver, WA

★★★★★ I have had many run ins with the good dudes from the BOB podcast and a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to bring it full circle and appear as a guest speaker to their exclusive Happy Hour session only available to members, and man did I have a blast! The format was loose yet structured and the conversations were candid yet profound. I recommend anyone who loves connecting with local business owners and like minded entrepreneurs to join and get in on some of the unfiltered and unedited “happy hour” style of networking action that is BOB.

-Andres J., Vancouver, WA

Don’t need all the benefits of the full membership, but still want to support what we’re doing, check out our Supporter Membership.