Speaker Submission


The Passages To Success program puts on a variety of LIVE, in-person monthly events for our small business owner membership in Vancouver, Washington.

We are looking for Speakers, panelists, podcast guests, thought leaders and subject matter experts to share their experience that will inspire, motivate and teach our community of small business owners what they need to be successful.

The Passages To Success Membership is focused on 4 Core Pillars:

Client Acquisition • Growth • Culture • Exit Strategy


Our speakers need to be able to specifically contribute to one or more of these areas on topics like (but not limited to): 

  • Sales/Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners
  • B2B Selling vs B2C Selling
  • Cold Calling
  • New Product Development 
  • Expanding into New Markets and/or into a new physical location 
  • Culture Development for small business owners
  • Hiring/Firing: How to, when to, etc
  • Recruiting strategies 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Contingency Planning 
  • Hiring/Grooming for a professional business manager 
  • Steps to selling your business 


Please fill out the speaker submission below and let us know where you fit in with our community!

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